Beatles “Revolver” Withdrawn First Pressing

I’ve always been a Beatles fan and am always for the lookout for any pressings to add to my collection. Very early on when I started collecting Beatles albums, I was looking through a pile of old records in a second hand shop in Tasmania. There were the usual ones you find, but I came across an old copy of Revolver. It was quite cheap (can’t remember how much), and just stored it for some time. This is one of the oldest, original records I have. After a while I did a little research on the record, looked at the matrix number and discovered that this copy was one of the first UK pressings – the few that were actually withdrawn. This is the earliest possible pressing featuring the withdrawn mix of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and the rarest E.J.Day Cover. Apparently there’s about 600 of these. Anyhow, it always pays to dig deep in second hand stores, op shops and even tip shops as you never know what’s there.