Beatles Abbey Road

I bought Abbey Road with my first payslip from work to remember my grandfather.

When I was younger he used to tell me the story of how he met the Beatles in Nottingham England 1963.

He was a police officer in the early 60s before he moved to Australia. He was stationed 1 night at the local music hall because some band from Liverpool were gonna perform there.

The Beatles were running a few hours late for the gig and nowhere to be seen so the captain told the officers to go look for them.

My grandfather found them nearby in a little pub smoking and playing pool. He asked them politely to come back to perform at the music hall. He said Paul and John gave him a rude reply to him so he said to them “There are thousands of screaming girls back there so you can either go and perform for them or go home to Liverpool!” He often said George and Ringo were the nice ones and apologized.

So they performed that night thanks to my grandfather. I asked him was the concert like, he said he couldn’t hear a thing since he was at the front with screaming everywhere.