Baby one more time 1998 italian release

My late grandfather took me with him to a record store years ago, i was so bored in there as i thought it was just old music on records. almost as if it was waiting for me this britney record was sitting at the front of a pile and was 10 bucks, this was before prices took off. my granddad new i was a big britney fan so he didn’t even ask, he just picked it up and handed it to me with a big smile..he could tell by the smile on my face that he had already won me over, it is a 1998 Italian pressing, something from the days before her popularity really exploded so it was special to me, i was so happy. me and my grandfather spent a lot more time together after that as i realized i judge to quickly, I’ve been into records ever since. i use to take this record out just to listen to it but since his passing i take it out for the memories as well.