My Music Life: Juliette Goldfinch

Juliette Goldfinch

Classic rock, unfolding Post-Woodstock and during the “British invasion” that was The Who, The Stones and The Beatles (which in my view was the rose in the crown for the era) captivated my adoration of … Read more >

My music life: Joe Matera

Joe Matera in Linz Austria

Yet another Australian muso better known overseas than in his home country, Melbourne’s Joe Matera is back from Europe and will be here for Record Store Day. Joe’s fans are largely in Europe, in particular … Read more >

DJ Muggs – The Soul Assassins Chapter 1

On The Soul Assassins Chapter 1, producer DJ Muggs assembled a hard-hitting album that combined a murderer’s row of hip-hop icons with Muggs’ laid-back, West Coast beats. With verses from Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre, RZA, … Read more >

Ben Folds and WASO – Live in Perth

Recorded live over two nights in Australia in 2005, Live in Perth features Ben Folds in collaboration with The West Australian Symphony Orchestra for an orchestral take on favorites from his witty piano-pop discography—his first of many … Read more >