A pub with no beer.

For my 50th Birthday my kids bought me a new record player so I could play all my Albums I collected as a teenager/ young adult. I forgot all about my milk crete full of vinyl records Kiss , The Angles, Aussie Crawl, Mondo Rock, Cold chisel and more, including all the various artist Lps from 1980-1990.
Like most of us I moved onto CD but getting the new Record player, it renewed my collection passion and now I am a crazy Album fair and Record Shop purchaser .
Any way my parents found out about my LP collection and have just given me all of my Great Grandfathers bakerlight record collection. All in His Masters Voice Album folder along with his prize possession a working, wind up 78 speed Portable Gramophone in a mint leather case.
I have wound it up,dropped the stylis and played all his collection. Just love the sounds, texture and smell of playing any vinyl record.
Everything Old is new Again!
Love the memories it brings back.