1972 Frankie Davidson – 50,000,000, Blow Flies Can’t Be Wrong

It was summer of 1973. I was 6 years old, and had saved enough money to buy my first record. I rode my bike up to the local electrical store and nervously went into the shop. A brightly coloured 7″ 45 record sleeve caught my young eye, and with a catchy name, ‘50,000,000, Blow Flies Can’t Be Wrong’, by Frankie Davidson (1972, M7 Records). I couldn’t read that number but knew it was big! The B-side grabbed my attention too – ‘Cookies’. I loved Sesame Street and thought Cookie Monster might sing the song. I bought it and took it home. Well, not quite the Cookie Monster but a psychedelic, funky guitar rock piece mentioning cookies. I now wonder if they were ‘special’ cookies…erhmm