Vika & Linda are RSD Drop October ambassadors

Announcing that Vika & Linda are the ambassadors for the last and final RSD Drop 2020. Vika & Linda are, of course, icons of the music world and have a love for the local record store and the importance of it to the industry. What better match!

“We’ve been record store fans since we bought our first LPs, Skyhooks and Sherbet.  We love our independent stores, it’s so great to be able to go and buy actual discs, it’s a fun hang and the people who work in the stores have such deep knowledge and a love of music.  Independent music stores keep real music alive and they’re an integral part of the music community.” They said.

Vika and Linda made a stellar return to form in 2020, led by their ARIA Number #1 album ‘Akilotoa: Anthology 1994-2006 in June and closely followed by their ARIA Number #2 album Sunday: The Gospel According To Iso in September.  And now they’re proud to announce the long awaited release of Vika and Linda, their breakthrough debut album from 1994, on pristine red vinyl. All info is available from your local indie record store!