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Click here for your chance to win a $100 music gift voucher from Goldmine Records. ┬áLong standing supporter of Record Store Day, Goldmine now have two stores in Melbourne’s vinyl triangle plus of course they’re mail order. ┬áThe voucher can be used for anything in the store. Except the cat. Not the cat. The cat stays.

New and secondhand vinyl, gear (turntables, amps, speakers), stylus/cartridges and accessories.




Stay tuned for more competitions…

With Pro-Ject back as our official turntable sponsor they will be offering some excellent gear. We have a headphone company involved and there will be store vouchers again.

PLUS if you sign up for the newsletter there will be competition and draws just for people on that newsletter. Worth joining? Definitely. See to the right ……………..>>>> and sign up there!