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My Music Life: Joshie Poole

My Music Life: Joshie Poole

Joshie Poole's collection


Alphabetical, and chronological order.. just a wee bit of my collection, getting to over 120 albums now.. as you can see.. alexisonfire is my favourite, had the pleasure to meet the band on their recent tour and got them to sign their album ‘Watch Out’ .. cannot wait for 2017’s releases.

My Music Life: Juliette Goldfinch

My Music Life: Juliette Goldfinch

Juliette GoldfinchClassic rock, unfolding Post-Woodstock and during the “British invasion” that was The Who, The Stones and The Beatles (which in my view was the rose in the crown for the era) captivated my adoration of music and was reason enough for my music encyclopedia of a father to buy me an RP1 turntable for my 19th birthday, despite my vinyl collection being established from a much younger age. As my sweet tooth for the 1970s era of psychedelic, progressive and blues-y rock n roll grew, so did my admiration for Pink Floyd, and what I view as their ‘stages’ spearheaded by varied themes of non-being and anti-establishment seen throughout their repertoire (both pre and post Syd Barrett!). My favourite album, coincidentally entering 40 years since release last week, is Animals. It also happens to be an album gifted to me after a engrossing conversation with a (similarly music enthused) record store owner about vinyl as the mother lode of music consumption, and how it still holds an important place in the contemporary era of digital streaming. Unbeknownst to me, the album came with a sorrowful letter describing its late owner, a man with a penchant for the same musical era, and the very special request that the album be thoroughly cherished. I dearly hope I have fulfilled such a request.

My favourite record store, Rough Trade, has its roots as an indie label that started in late ‘70s London. It now operates as a live music venue and cafe in which I frequented while in New York City, although the store is still headquartered in London. The fortuitous time spent at 64 North 9th St in Brooklyn resulted in me buying the very unique 1969 picture disc LP of Robert Plant on the 20th August 2016, which happens to be both of our birthdays. Back home in Sydney, my collection otherwise consists of Motown and the various formations of Michael Jackson, as well as everywhere from Yes, The Doors, to The Supremes and Beastie Boys.

My music life: Joe Matera

My music life: Joe Matera

Joe Matera in Linz Austria

Yet another Australian muso better known overseas than in his home country, Melbourne’s Joe Matera is back from Europe and will be here for Record Store Day. Joe’s fans are largely in Europe, in particular Germany and Austria as well as the Netherlands. He has also exclusively revealed here his obsession with Gerry Rafferty’s City to City! BTW that pic is taken at one of Joe’s favourite indie stores: Vinyl Corner in Linz, Austria.

Anyway, he’s back on home turf for a while and shares his ‘music life’ for RSD:

Where did my love of music and collecting come from? It came from the same place and time in my early childhood. In fact, I remember vividly at age four, pointing to a Beach Boys album in a record store, (the Pet Sounds album, the one with the green cover) and asking my mother to buy it for me. From that moment on, so began my passion for music.

As I grew from a child to a teenager, my tastes took many detours into different styles and artists. I also spent a lot of time listening to my parents’ vinyl collection, early 45s to a variety of 33s. My teenage years were spent buying the latest vinyl releases, which included everyone from Skyhooks to Supertramp to The Police to hundreds of others. Moving into adulthood I continued my love of collecting and listening to not only vinyl, but later in the 1980s to CDs. A lot of my music I listened to, also seeped its way into influencing my own songwriting music and my approach to the industry which remains with me today.

Currently, I am signed to Dutch label RVPrecords in the Netherlands, whom released a Best Of album last year titled ‘Now And Then’ in Europe. The label supports me 100% with my approach of releasing my music on CD (and vinyl) only. None of my music is available on the digital platforms. To many people and other labels this may seem a crazy approach, yet for my fans and the audience that my music is at aimed at, it is perfectly suited and welcomed. My fans buy CDs and love owning a piece of real music (ie CD) in their hands. They do not want digital releases. The same goes with vinyl. Nothing beats the warmth and feel of vinyl and the experience of it all. And cassettes, which over the years fans have asked me about and which this year, I am releasing a ‘Live In London’ cassette as part of Record Store Day. When I toured Poland in 2014, I saw many street billboards advertising tapes! So that format is definitely alive and well in certain places.

One album that has remained a favourite and fuels my collecting passion is Gerry Rafferty’s 1978 classic album City To City.

Over the past few years, on every European tour I do, I spend my days off seeking out the various vinyl pressings of the album from all over the globe which, according my knowledge, there have been over 90 pressings made thus far! I love walking into a record store in different country and finding a pressing of this album on vinyl. So far my collection, which is growing nicely, includes pressings from USA, Holland, Italy, England, Portugal, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Australia and others…it is quite interesting to see the contrast between pressings too, from the cover being slightly different in shade to track listings being totally different, such as is the case with the German pressing which has a different track listing on back cover to what is actually on the vinyl!


My Music Collection – Sharon Daniel

My Music Collection – Sharon Daniel

Sharon Daniel with her record collection

Where to start or should I say where did I start with my love of collecting. Music & records in particular have always been part of my life. Whether it was being given records as gifts as a kid in the 70s (“The Best Of Abba” & KISS “Dynasty”) are two that I remember or being allowed to select a record from the Record Club my Dad belonged to (was ecstatic when the Grease Soundtrack arrived) they’ve always been around in my life. Saving your money up & heading off to the local record shop (conveniently located opposite the primary school you were attending) to drool over the latest loves in your life (Leif Garrett springs to mind) there was always something to buy (and if there was a bonus poster even better).

Things really took off to another level hitting the high school years in the 80s. Not only satisfied with hitting all the Sydney record shops at the time, Red Eye Records, Phantom Records, Metropolis, Ashwoods etc, there was now a need to get albums signed by the artists. Forget school, it was more important to be running around Sydney chasing whichever band was touring at the time. Now the list here is bloody long however my gems in the collection would have to be The Cramps “A Date With Elvis” signed by Lux Interior & Poison Ivy & managing to get all of Spandau Ballet (on different occasions) to sign their “True” album. Not much has changed really….fast forward to 2015 & finally got my long awaited photo with all the band members together in one spot.

My love of Punk & Post Punk set in around this time and to this day am still collecting all I can on the likes of The Cure, Siouxsie, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Damned, The Clash etc as well as collaborations & any solo projects. I have absolutely no idea why but if I love an artist then I feel I need to collect all there is (and not only records) which brings me to my 2 largest collections…Aussie band the church & Nick Cave. Both have pretty much been in my life since the early 80s and in both cases it’ll be eternal collecting as there is always something that you don’t have. And with that I say thank god for modern technology and having your entire collection easily accessible on your phone. No more coming home to discover you already had 1, 2 or even 3 copies of something (yes, over the years it has happened)

As for the future, well, turn the big 5 0 next year and looking forward to the many many happy hours of crate digging that lie ahead. Tastes are always changing and on any given day could be playing Air Supply one moment then The Exploited, there’s no rhyme or reason it’s just what I like. Currently delving into the Blues so looking forward to seeing where that may take me. A breakdown on the collection as it’s stored in my music room, all in genres then alphabetical order: Australian, Punk/Post Punk, 50s/60s, 70s, 80s, 90s/00s, Soundtracks and separate sections for: Nick Cave, the church & more recently Bowie.

Am a music/memorabilia tragic, nothing will change as that’s who I am. And on that note, time for some T-Rex…”The Slider” is up there in my Top 10 albums, then, hmmm….thinking something more recent…I know… King Gizzards “Nonagon Infinity!” bloody brilliant album that one.Yes, that will do very nicely!!

May you all live long, happy & successful crate digging lives 🙂

Enter to win!  $100 voucher from Readings

Enter to win! $100 voucher from Readings

Readings logo

Melbourne’s very beloved music, DVD and book store, Readings, is kicking off Record Store Day in Australia 2017 with the offer of a $100 voucher to spend on anything in the store. Come on down!

PS.  Readings was awarded best book shop in the world in 2016.  And they deserve it!

Coming soon!

The record companies promise lots of yummy specials again .. info will probably start to come through in late February or early March.

CHECK! One! Two!

Coming soooooon …. lots of info about gigs for Record Store Day.